Software Designed Specifically to Meet the Needs of Family Offices

A comprehensive enterprise management system and service for the family office and multi-family office market, including a full suite of CRM, data aggregation, investment reporting, general ledger, and transaction processing with integrated reconciliation and verification.

The solution is a model platform facilitated by a process driven and role based workflow with audit trails. Custodian agnostic with bank level security on any device.

The Eton Solutions platform is an integrated solution with application functionality covering:

  • Relationship Management
  • Investment Management
  • Accounting/GL
  • Document Management
  • Reporting


  • The lifecycle of a transaction in a single system
    Single entity-based data model with fully integrated database system. Data maintained at the basic level of granularity required for all processes and functions.
  • Workflow System
    The proprietary workflow system allows each family office to establish specific workflows within the system and to assign custom tasks generated by the system to roles filled by Family Office Staff; Clients or family members, Vendors, or Eton outsourced staff. The web based system design allows these participants to work securely in the system from any internet enabled location regardless of device while maintaining data integrity. Each office can capitalize on the strength of its staff and also set specific workflow rules to meet the specific needs of its family members.
  • Portfolio Management
    Portfolio Management is supported by normalized and standardized family office specific security and fund masters, and promotes multiple approaches to portfolio management such as rebalancing, harvesting, modeling, and considers multiple trading types. Customized investment categories and an Integrated workflow with audit trails.
  • Performance Reporting
    Automatic report production and distribution through daily processing, cleansing and consolidation of transactions and data across multiple custodians. Performance available at portfolio, entity, and account levels. As well as at asset class, sub class and security levels. Software performs time weighted and dollar weighted rates of return, IRR Calculations, and benchmark comparisons at multiple levels. Dated pricing history allows for reconciliation of flash reports, tentative reports and final data.
  • General Ledger Accounting
    Customizable chart of accounts with consolidation and import ability from other systems. Integrated with investment data processing through automated generation of investment related journal entries. Reconciliation of cash balances, reversals and rebooking of investment related entries.
  • Cash Management
    Budget to actual reporting with cash transaction history and forward looking projections that integrates accounts payable, investment income projections and GL budget data. The accounts payable module provides daily cash balances, templates and workflow approvals across multiple banks and custodians.
  • CRM
    Data is entered in one data store and available to all modules for processing. Ability to maintain entity roles and responsibilities to support authorizations. Workflow based with flexible family office data taxonomy.
  • Risk Management
    System integrated business rules used to analyze transactions and identify potential issues for analyst review. Extensive exception reporting process to identify and correct data errors and perform compliance reporting.
  • Trust Accounting
    System allows entry of principal and income data in transaction initiation module and carry through to the transaction history. Custodial allocations are tracked with an ability to split transactions to match custodian processing methods. Reporting includes ability to report on principal and income as a transaction attribute.
  • Document Management System
    Document management system driven by customized family office taxonomy, with secure document signature functionality and role based system access. Document versioning with effective date and end date functionality. Completely integrated with all modules. Audit trails of document upload, storage, revision and editing.

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