The Family Office needs technology and operational support to answer the financial questions that really matter:

  • ­What do I own?
  • ­How has it changed?
  • ­How should I react to the change?

We lived these problems, that’s why we created AtlasFive.

Single Family Office

The Single Family Office has complex consulting, operational and reporting processes that serve multi-generational families with intricate legal entity structures.  The typical office is managed by a multi-disciplinary team (CPAs, CFAs, JDs) and handles significant wealth, from $100M to many billions.

Every office feels they have a unique situation, because of course every family is different. Eton Solutions offers technology and services and technology that is tailored to you.

  • Complexity made simple
  • One integrated source of the truth, updated daily not monthly or quarterly
  • Efficient, timely, accurate reporting to drive improved decision making
  • Client 24/7/365 anywhere access to reporting and secure communications
  • Automated, enforced, and documented integrated best practices
  • Significantly reduced cybersecurity vulnerability
  • Highly engaged staff delivering excellent, timely reporting and execution, driven by automated, integrated best practices
Single Family Office

Multi-Family Office

The Multi-Family Office lives in the investments world but also serves many roles for clients, including consultant, data hub and investment manager.

Investing in the right technology platform allows you to standardize operational processes and apply automation to core business functions and controls. This is key to reducing costs and operating risk, as well as enabling the business to scale.

Eton Solutions helps you:

  • Manage and track every type of investment, daily, not monthly or quarterly
  • Increase efficiency and profitability
  • Significantly reduce business risk
  • Allow management to focus on value added activities for current clients and prospects
  • Leverage the only truly-integrated platform for Multi-Family Offices
  • Revolutionize the management and operation of your Multi-Family Office
Multi-Family Office

Professional Service Firms

Because you are often asked to act like a Single Family Office, an integrated platform with embedded business processes, task management, and workflows can produce efficient, easily repeatable tasks that increase the value you deliver. By partnering with Eton Solutions, you can:

  • Increase the efficiency and profitability of core functions, such as client on-boarding, bill-pay, or client reporting
  • Have the answer to daily questions from your clients without updating or reconciling disjointed systems
  • Significantly reduce your business risk with standardized processes
  • Free up management to focus on value added activities for current clients and prospects
  • Revolutionize the management and operation of embedded Family Offices
Professional Service Firms