AtlasFive Office Management Software Solution

AtlasFiveMore than just an investment monitoring, accounting, and reporting package, AtlasFive facilitates end-to-end office management. Eton Solutions lived and experienced the same problems when we managed our own ultra-high net worth office. That’s why we created AtlasFive.

With AtlasFive, you get true integration of all functions through a single database and proprietary data model, with embedded best practice business processes and workflows. Empower your office staff to move to higher-value work, and limit time spent on manual effort.


A full application suite with entity management, data aggregation, investment reporting, general ledger, partnership accounting, transaction initiation, document management, and more.

Key Benefits and Differentiators:

  • Design based upon best practice business rules, process, and workflow
  • Granular, permissioned user access for optimization, transparency, and accountability
  • Cradle-to-grave transactional processing without touching the data
  • Built-in data aggregation and consolidated data approach for reporting
  • Risk mitigation through segregation of duties, plus integrated audit and compliance
  • Effective management and collaboration platform
  • Lower cost and greater efficiency than a best-of-breed application/integration approach
Eton AtlasFive


An Eton Solutions differentiation is our approach to implementation. We have made a major investment in our implementation approach and methodology, which includes a mapping of all the functions of the Family Office (see bubble chart) and how our platform will be configured to successfully transition clients from their existing environment.

This includes:

  • Set-up and configuration of the technology stack dedicated to the client
  • Developing and managing an implementation plan in partnership with the client to meet their strategic needs, including the use of management tools such as:
    • Detailed phase and timeline goals for implementation with specific benchmarks
    • Tracking of the phase and timeline goals with weekly or monthly dashboards
    • Definition of roles and responsibilities for Eton and client implementation professionals
    • Governance process for handling issues in implementation based on significance of issues
  • Capture and document transition metrics for the move from a legacy system to Eton Solutions
  • Define and document the new metrics for post-transition and fully accredit the ongoing support that is provided by our Global Services Center
Eton Implementation

Support & Training

Eton Solutions provides both webinars and in-person training for clients.

Our Global Service Center provides a dedicated support and account management team for each client, to answer questions and resolve any issues. This is all tracked and managed using our issue ticketing and management system to ensure your needs are met.

Support and Training